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High School DxD

It will be adapted into an anime series in January 2012.  Prior to the premiere episode of the anime that was released last December 2011.
High School DxD picturespictures High School DxD

A second grader High School Issei Hyodo has a very stubborn, who leads a quiet life until he was called for a date with a girl named Yuuma Amano aka "Rias Gremory".  When it gets dark the girl takes him to a secluded spot where he shows his true form.  She's a fallen angel and plans to assassinate him. He dies, Since no one can save Issei.  

When he awakens, he discovers that he has reincarnated as a demon, and from that day Issei works as a servant of Gremory Rias, a high level demon girl who happens to be the most beautiful and popular in school.

PREVIOUS -                   NEXT  - Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima  -  Asia Argento  -  Issei Hyoudou  -  Koneko Toujou  -  Rias Gremory  -  Yuuto Kiba