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School Rumble-Sukūru Ranburu

School Rumble journals the years in the lifestyle of second year High School schoolgirl Tenma Tsukamoto together with her friends and classmates. It also journals their numerous accomplishments and downfalls at love.
pictures School Rumble-Sukūru Ranburu

Tenma presently has a crush on one of her classmates, Ooji Karasuma. She has a lot of difficulties show him her true emotions. Nevertheless, obstacles appear when she finds out that he's moving to another school in a year. In spite of that, she has a secret admirer in the mood of a negligent named Kenji Harima.

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Tsukamoto Tenma  -  Kenji Harima  -  Ooji Karasuma  -  Mikoto Suou  -  Akira Takano  -  Yakumo Tsukamoto
Hanai Haruki  -  Eri Sawachika  -  Kyousuke Imadori  -  Karen Ichijou  -  Sarah Adiemas  -  Sasakura Yoko